TREND AND AVANT-GARDE by the hand of AION HAIR, give your hairdresser a new look

IDENTITY it represents continuous change and a natural state of fluidity that is constantly evolving. Highlights in the hair add luminosity, create an effect of movement and animate hair that looks too flat. The inspiration for this collection comes from the demand for highly personalized technical work. The trend and the avant-garde are the driving force of this campaign, which helps us capture color textures in record time and with results never before achieved in colorimetry. CREATE NEW LOOKS IN YOUR SALON!


An introduction to the world of IRIS.

In this course we show the conceptual principles of the method, training aimed at professionals in the hairdressing sector who want to offer their salons new and innovative colour techniques. Providing added value and avant-garde.

  • Preparation of product to be applied
  • How to use
  • Skull areas
  • divisions
  • Application frequencies
  • Application start

Course carried out with IRIS machine with simple head.

DURATION: 14:44 minutes


Two simultaneous use techniques.
The online course for advanced level includes instructions for the use of IRIS with two or more different use techniques simultaneously, which allow demanding work to be carried out with a more blurred effect. We will be able to combine all kinds of sections and contrasts quickly and easily.
  • Curved divisions
  • Agreed sections
  • Integration of brightness and contrasts
  • Hair contouring

Course carried out with IRIS machine with simple head.

DURATION: 16:28 minutes


We enter a world of combinations
A new way of dreaming about colour.
In this course we teach how to work with two or more colours at the same time. The creativity that the technique offers us is infinite. We will be able to create different textures and depths. Ideal to customise technical work to the maximum and take creativity to another level.
  • Zigzag divisions
  • Sections with combined colours
  • Single peak and double extursion
  • Combined bangs

We show how to work with two colors at once, creating different textures and depths. Ideal to fully customize technical work.

Course carried out with IRIS machine with single and double head.

DURATION: 14:20 min.
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* areas of the skull
*types of divisions
* application frequencies
* application starts



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  • Not be used improperly.
  • It has not been tampered with.
  • Has not suffered deterioration or damage caused by mishandling.
  • It has not been damaged by external agents that are the responsibility of the user (water, acids and other corrosive substances...).

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