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This product is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of three months, if used properly according to its intended use (see the USE MANUAL). The product will be exchanged for another equal in good working condition, or if the client requests them, the economic amount contributed in the purchase of the product will be reimbursed. To make the guarantee valid, you must fill out a form and print a copy to attach to the package. This will speed up the process a lot. Take the intact product to the nearest post office (without trying to repair it yourself). The cost of shipping is borne by the customer, so that your product can be replaced or if you prefer, the amount paid for the product is reimbursed.

This guarantee is valid only during the first three months after the purchase of the product.

Warranty nullity: The warranty will remain valid within the first three months from the purchase of the product, as long as it has not been used, modified, opened, disassembled or repaired in any of its components.

  • Not be used improperly.
  • It has not been tampered with.
  • Has not suffered deterioration or damage caused by mishandling.
  • It has not been damaged by external agents that are the responsibility of the user (water, acids and other corrosive substances...).

SHIPPING ADDRESS: Path of the orchards 2, 28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid